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Nicki’s secret photoshoot


mainstream tumblr feminism may have many glaring faults but it has bred an army of teenage girls who understand the common ways that misogyny is reinforced in society and who know that they’re better off loving their fellow woman than fighting with her and that’s actually pretty damn revolutionary

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Darren Wilson, the officer who murdered Mike Brown, has raised over $11,000 from supporters in less than a day.



This is unacceptable.

If you can, consider donating to help ensure that the children of Ferguson are kept fed or by donating to Mike Brown’s family for legal fees/funeral costs/etc.

Don’t you just love America! *throws up*


She goes from Mufasa to Malificent


plus size + beach wear

   Anonymous asked: You get shit on too if you're too skinny or not curvy enough, body positive isn't only being positive of one type of body


Okay, yes. There is a fair bit of discrimination towards you for that body type. But look at the general picture of things. If you, for example, put me next to a thin or even average-bodied girl, and asked the average person whom they thought was more beautiful or healthier, probably 90% wouldn’t pick me. It’s a fact. Almost all of society is built around the idea of a thinner, skinnier body being more beautiful. So stores like Torrid and Lane Bryant are becoming so revolutionary for doing something not so groundbreaking at all.

I have been taken apart and rejected so many times because of my body’s size and shape. Guys have told me “you have a pretty face but I’m not attracted to your body.”

There is obvious discrimination and an easy-to-see double standard (esp when it comes to men’s behavior) considering women’s bodies, but the base line is built off of the fact that someone thinner than me has more privilege than me in this society. More things will fit them in stores, more people will find them attractive, more people will think they’re healthier than me (Even if they’re not—I work out, I eat right, etc and I know thin girls with high metabolisms who do neither—but which one of us do you think a stranger would pick to be the one living the more “health-conscious, active” lifestyle?), and they will be appreciated more than me, picked first for teams, approached first for dates and friendships, considered before me for jobs, all because of the way they look compared to me.

Thin privilege is definitely a thing and though I don’t 100% agree with what Nicki and Meghan did in their songs, you have to realize that what you as a thin person may feel now, hearing these songs, we, as thicker people, have to feel 24/7, all year, non-stop. You’re getting a taste of what our lives are like.




Nicki Minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care whether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you


she makes a good point

Title: Secrets
Artist: Mary Lambert
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“Years ago I learned a very cool thing about Robin Williams, and I couldn’t watch a movie of his afterward without thinking of it. I never actually booked Robin Williams for an event, but I came close enough that his office sent over his rider. For those outside of the entertainment industry, a rider lists out an artist’s specific personal and technical needs for hosting them for an event, anything from bottled water and their green room to sound and lighting requirements. You can learn a lot about a person from their rider. This is where rocks bands list their requirement for green M&Ms (which is actually a surprisingly smart thing to do). This is also where a famous environmentalist requires a large gas-guzzling private jet to fly to the event city, but then requires an electric or hybrid car to take said environmentalist to the event venue when in view of the public.
When I got Robin Williams’ rider, I was very surprised by what I found. He actually had a requirement that for every single event or film he did, the company hiring him also had to hire a certain number of homeless people and put them to work. I never watched a Robin Williams movie the same way after that. I’m sure that on his own time and with his own money, he was working with these people in need, but he’d also decided to use his clout as an entertainer to make sure that production companies and event planners also learned the value of giving people a chance to work their way back. I wonder how many production companies continued the practice into their next non-Robin Williams project, as well as how many people got a chance at a job and the pride of earning an income, even temporarily, from his actions. He was a great multiplier of his impact. Let’s hope that impact lives on without him. Thanks, Robin Williams- not just for laughs, but also for a cool example.”

Brian Lord.org  (via boysncroptops)

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